Great read, and spot on. The last par hits the nail right on the head.

Probably explains why so many are abandoning the ABC, and why they spend half their time advertising their wares and sending us constant review questionnaires.

“Jennett, the ABCs dusty Copperart vase, spoke of the glorious Autumn sun dappled on the deciduous trees, he excited at the size of the Governor-Generals estate, mentioning the heroic turns, the names of the streets, and imagined the PM, fatefully guiding the nations future, solemnly performing his duty as our great statesman. Nek Minute, Albo patting ducks at the show in Adelaide.”

Very fine description of Jennett. Dog forbid he and Jane Norman ever hook up.


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Just listened to RN Drive with Andy Park tonight and of course he interviews a Journalist from The Australian who said that the Albonese Gaff would not go away. Seriously this is another demonstration of the abject Journalistic failure in this country and regimes like North Korea must marvel at how a so called free society is captured in the style of one state media apparatus. We are lead by the most corrupt, incompetent and criminal Political party ever but you would never know it according to MSM Media. If labor win this election they must undertake a Royal Commission into Australian Media and how it serves the Australian community and all recommendations adopted, not to mention the complete sacking of the highly partisan ABC Board and senior management! Great article Joel so bloody spot on!

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How do I determine if I've got myself into a leftist bubble, and all I hear is leftist bubble views?

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