Well Said Joel.

Albanese, Wong and Co are morally bankrupt. What is the point of them?

There may be a couple of social issues that Albanese and Dutton differ on, but nothing meaningful.

The ALP think being in power is what counts. Well the fact is that we can be shafted just as much by Dutton and Co, with far less dissappointment.

Taking a stand for humanity by applying the same standards to Palestinians as you apply elswhere shouldn't be a big ask Albanese.

When you look at the history of Kenya, The Congo, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, 9/11.... 1973 Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, will history judge either the British or the Global American Empires as improving the worlds in which they meddled.

I think not. Yet our leaders would prefer Australia trails along with another failing empire, rather than stand up in the world for what is right.

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How many times does the government and media intend to parrot blatant, baseless Israeli propaganda before they realise that they are being played? The beheaded babies in ovens, the levelled settlements, the Hamas HQ in the hospital and now this?

The formula seems to go:

1. Israel makes insanely hyperbolic claim with zero evidence provided in order to justify horrific crimes

2. Western governments and media parrot and disseminate claims as if they are undisputable facts and accuse anyone with any followup questions of being an antisemite

3. Propaganda achieves intended goal of justifying utter horror in the moment it happens

3. Claims are slowly debunked, often revealling Israeli complicity in serious wrongdoing

4. Nobody in the establishment acknowledges any mistakes and the whole thing gets memory-holed

5. Repeat

At least nobody is saying "Israel would never bomb a hospital" now

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It is SO frustrating; the power imbalance. While great writing, analysis and commentary like yours (and others - Palestinian writers for example) appears on blogs, on-line journals etc. the majority mainstream commentary dominates.

Surely Wong knows how she is being played by the US and Israel. She and Albanese, and let's not forget Marles, have been cowed, intimidated by the power of US imperialism and have dived headfirst into its aura. It's disgusting. The hypocrisy of talking up "our sovereignty" while accepting more US military presence in our county, supporting US military strikes in the middle east.

And meanwhile the horror of the Israeli invasion of Gaza continues.

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Feb 14·edited Feb 14

I've always put the LNP at the bottom of my ballot, I think they may have moved up a notch to make room for Labor. What with USUKAUS, nuclear subs and bases, ridiculously expensive weapons and a host of questionable domestic policies I hope Albo can find a like minded country to live in, he won't be able to show his face in this one.

Why does Oz still host an ambassador for the "Eschatological Garrison State" run by "Settler colonialists"? (quotes from https://bigserge.substack.com/p/the-age-of-zugzwang)

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Dont forget Valentine's Day while you are fighting for people. The world sucks but life not :)!

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